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 Lets Get Crafting

Winter recruitment is winding down meaning new bigs and littles to love and since that pesky phil saw his shadow we are unfortunately stuck with 6 more weeks of winter weather. On the bright side this means plenty of lazy craft days! So here at DIY Greek we decided it was perfect timing to kick start our craft blog, helping you through the gross weather days and walking you through step by step some easy but fabulous crafts.

Every girl loves a great craft wether we are born with the art gene or not, nothing feels better than creating something beautiful! Our goal is to ignite that creativity giving you new ideas and easy how to’s for great big/little gifts, sorority craft nights, and even cute decorations for your dorm room or house. 

Before I go, a little introduction, my name is Mandy and I am DIY Greek’s social media intern. I love all things arts and crafts, and even better making them easy! I can’t wait to show you what you can do with our kits and much much more! Keep an eye out for our upcoming post on how to paint a galaxy! 

So lets get crafting – DIY Greek

Video Tutorials for Sorority Crafting from DIY Greek

Did you know that DIY Greek has a ton of video tutorials for sorority crafting available on the Web Site?  We are adding all the time so keep checking back.  Leave a comment if there is a specific tutorial that would help you out.

We think these will give you lots of tips to have a more professionally finished project. Watch especially how to paint using our stencils.

Keep checking back on the blog as we gear up for more regular postings.

Coming Soon: Bling Bags

We are getting ready post on our website a new kit: Bling Bag. It is like nothing else on the market for your sorority crafting. We will be sharing examples of projects made with items from the Bling Bag.

We have glitter in bigger bottles . These will be included in your sorority colors. Next time you are in a craft store, take a look at how expensive glitter is and more importantly, you would have a difficult time finding it in the colors you need.

Below are some pictures of our finished projects before and after adding Bling:
glitter turtle symbol for Delta Zeta sorority craft little sister diy greek
sigma sigma sigma sailboat glitter sorority little sister craft diy greek
glitter turtle symbol for Delta Zeta sorority craft little sister diy greek quill  fo alpha xi delta glitter.
glitter ship wheel captain wheel for delta gamma sorority little sister diy greek